The vision “Exercise is Medicine”
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School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Publication date: 2022-05-27
Public Health Toxicol 2022;2(Supplement Supplement 1):A34
The vision "Exercise is Medicine" aims to introduce physical exercise in the health system and to refer patients to participate, based on specific indications, in specialized exercise programs, which are documented for their benefits. The introduction of the proposal "Exercise is Medicine" can be achieved through synergies between all branches of health and exercise sciences, health system institutions and the society. This would lead to the establishment of a relationship of trust that would focus on the coordinated care of clinical populations, with a final aim being the implementation of non-pharmacological interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. The adoption of "Public Health Management" strategies by those in charge of the health system can promote the proposal "Exercise is Medicine" as part of innovative initiatives for the benefit of patients and the society, leading to the establishment of physical exercise as an integral part of health care. The promotion to the Greek population of the scientifically confirmed health benefits of physical exercise, to prevent diseases and contribute to their treatment, will lead to the improvement of public health and to the reduction of health costs for Greek citizens.
Exercise is Medicine Greece. Accessed May 3, 2022.
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