How to incorporate sustainability in food-based dietary guidelines?
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European Public Health Nutrition Alliance, Brussels, Belgium
Flemish Institute for Healthy Living, Brussels, Belgium
Netherlands Nutrition Centre, Haag, Netherlands
Publication date: 2022-05-27
Public Health Toxicol 2022;2(Supplement Supplement 1):A1
Many European countries have incorporated sustainability in their Food-Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG), or are working on this. Within the European Public Health Nutrition Alliance (EPHNA) countries are sharing experiences on how to do this. The Netherlands and Flanders, both members of the EPHNA, will show how sustainability has been integrated in their FBDG to this point. Basic approaches that can be used to integrate sustainability in FBDG include: use additional advices and rules; demonstrate synergies between health and sustainability; and optimize for both health and sustainability using linear programming. The Netherlands and Flanders will illustrate in detail the process followed for the guidelines for Flanders (the Flemish Food Triangle, an inverted food triangle) and the Netherlands (the Wheel of Five, a plate model). Challenges encountered, communication strategies and tools for consumers and intermediaries will be addressed.
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